Ashish Singh

Ashish Singh

I am Software developer by profession with 2.7 years of experience. The areas of work include big data and advanced analytic (Social media analytic to be precise), and developing Social media dashboards, that provides a one-stop access to information in gamut of relevant social-media and on-line data sources for providing customer360 view.

I have received 3 awards –
Passionate Entrepreneurship (twice) and Execution Mindset, in recognition to contribution towards developing the Dashboard (Advanced Visualization), which monitors enterprise social media properties, provides the business semantic context to glean the right information to enable actionable intelligence off it and enable business action or transformation.

I have done Bachelor’s in Electronics and Electronics.

Besides my mildly debilitating addiction to coffee, I am a pretty regular guy who loves solving problems, reading and sleeping.

The kinds of people I enjoy spending my time with are honest and strait-laced. My dreams in the future are to become an entrepreneur, or to become a solutions architect. So what am I doing to achieve those dreams? Well, how about working along with Open Source Solutions Architect and Big Data Practice Director of our organization to design, prototype and present big data solutions to serve different organizations. One thing I need to do more of is put my learning to good use, that’s the one reason I have started this blog.


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